T.S Whaddon is supported by a team of adult volunteers, uniformed and non-uniformed, who donate huge amounts of time to ensure the Ship’s Company, the cadets, are able to learn, compete and grow within the Cadet Training Programme.

T.S Whaddon divides the Ship’s Company into Divisions. Some divisions have a specific purpose.

  • T.S Whaddon
    Sea Cadets & Royal Marines Cadets
    • Victory
      Junior Sea Cadets
    • Trafalgar
      Junior Sea Cadets
    • Nelson
      New Entry Cadets
    • Falklands
      Sea Cadets (12+yrs)
    • Jutland
      Sea Cadets (12+yrs)
    • Copenhagen
      Sea Cadets (12+yrs)
    • Gibraltar
      Royal Marine Cadets (13+)

Under the Commanding Officer, there is a Command Team who are responsible for various aspects of the Ship’s Company & Divisions. The chart below is currently incomplete.

  • Lt. Joy Tilley
    Commanding Officer
    • Sub Lt. H Cole
      First Lieutenant
      • CPO. T Cole
      • PO. J Sturdy
      • PO. P Tilley
      • PO. J Tilley
      • PO. R Blackwell
        First Aid Instructor
      • PO. H Perris
      • PO. R Perris
      • PO. S Leahy
      • PO. S Purewal
      • PO. I Shea
      • OC. K Zivtins
      • PO S Orchard
    • Lt Cmdr. R Gearing
      Stores Officer
    • Sub Lt. K Stone
      Unit Training Officer
    • Sgt E O'Neill
      Detachment Commander
      • pSgt. T Jarman
      • Sgt.Keating
    • Padre C Okpala
      Unit Chaplain
    • Mr R Lane-Nott
      Unit President

A Sea Cadet unit is an educational charity, in the case of T.S Whaddon our charity number is 290963, and you can check all our details out on the Charity Commission website. The Unit Management Team is a team of Trustees, that are responsible for the running of the unit at a strategic and management level.

The primary purpose of team of Trustees is to support the Unit Chair & Commanding Officer to manage a safe, effective and successful Sea Cadet unit, this includes health & safety, insurance, fundraising, utilities, the unit minibus, governance and resources/equipment.

Our Current Unit Management Team:

  • Caroline Sears
    Unit Chair
    • Graham Witkowski
      Vice Chair
    • Lt. Joy Tilley
      Commanding Officer (Ex-Officio Role)
    • Michael Snell
      Unit Treasurer
    • Hillary Collett
      Unit Secretary
    • David Sears
    • Gillian Perris
      Trustee/Parents & Supports Association Chair
    • Chibuzor Okpala
      Trustee / Unit Chaplain
    • Stuart Ball

Rear Admiral Roger Lane-Nott (Retired) CB joined TS Whaddon in 2022 as the Unit President. A sample of his Wikipedia entry is below:

“He joined the Royal Navy in 1963. He was appointed Commanding Officer the submarine HMS Walrus in 1974, of the submarine HMS Swiftsure in 1976, and of the submarine HMS Splendid in 1979.[2] As Commander of HMS Splendid he saw action during the Falklands War.[2] He went on to be Commander of the 3rd Submarine Squadron in 1983, Assistant Director of Defence Concepts at the Ministry of Defence in 1986 and Commanding Officer of the frigate HMS Coventry as well as Captain of the 1st Frigate Squadron in 1990.[2]

Lane-Nott was Senior Naval Officer Middle East during the latter stages of the Gulf War.[3] After that he became Chief of Staff, Submarines in 1992 and Commander Operations and Flag Officer Submarines in 1993 before retiring from the Royal Navy after 33 years’ service in 1996.[4]

  • Rear Admiral Roger Lane-Nott (Retired) CB
    Unit President

The unit Parents & Supporters Association is……<blurb to follow>

The PSA is chaired by Gillian Perris.

  • Gillian Perris
    PSA Chair
    • PSA Treasurer
    • PSA Secretary

The Transport Team is a team of volunteers willing to give up their time to transport Cadets around the country to training, competitions, parades and other events. They deliver them safely and soundly using our fleet (2!) of minibuses which have been sponsored by numerous organisations, as well as parents.

If you are a Parent or Supporter that would like to join the Transport Team, drop us a note, and we’ll have a conversation.

  • Transport Team
    • PO. P Tilley
    • David Sears