Royal Marines Cadets

Part of the Sea Cadets family, Royal Marines Cadets enjoy all the exciting activities on water that Sea Cadets do, as well as branching off into serious adventure training too. Specialising in orienteering, field craft and weapons handling is what makes Royal Marines Cadets unique and you can join from the age of 13 to 18.

Royal Marine Cadets at National Drill Competition 2023
Royal Marine Cadets at National Drill Competition 2023

Being a Royal Marines Cadet is an incomparably great experience as it definitely has a community aspect to it and offers so many unique opportunities. As a fairly new cadet, I instantly felt part of the team from the first day I joined.”

Marine Cadet Clara L

As you hone your skills, you can compete at the Gibraltar Cup at the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre in Devon, testing yourself on the famous assault course. It’s an incredible and unforgettable experience.

There are 127 Royal Marines Cadets Detachments within Sea Cadets units across the UK, all led by the Captain Sea Cadets, a serving Royal Navy Captain. The Captain Sea Cadets is supported by our Staff Royal Marines Officer, a serving Colour Sergeant in the Royal Marines, both are on secondment from the Royal Navy to Sea Cadets.

Orienteering across Dartmoor, travelling abroad, rock-climbing, rowing, ceremonial drill and parading with a band, first aid, engineering, even weather-forecasting and power-boating….  and getting badges to prove it, perhaps taking part in national competitions…

You’ll become confident in new situations. Feel more in charge of yourself and know how to make a good impression.

You’ll find you want to listen to others with more experience in life than you because you’ll quickly see how it gets you to where you want to go.

In turn, you’ll learn how to support people who are less experienced than you, which you can use to captain a sports team and stand out in interviews.

And think how it would feel to be able to walk into a room and feel at ease speaking with anyone!

You’ll gain positive habits and thinking that will last a lifetime.

I don’t give up’ will become just how you think!

You’ll get all the support you need to show what you’re made of, whether or not you shine at school.

You’ll know how to present yourself well, so people will welcome and remember you. And supporting workmates to be the best they can be will be something you’re used to and really valuable to an employer.

Using your initiative will be second nature. And listening to instruction and accepting feedback without being offended will help you do well once you’ve got that job!

You can join as a Junior Cadet when you are 10, and enjoy summer camps and making new friends as you head towards becoming a Royal Marines Cadet at 13.