There are a number of ways you can support T.S Whaddon, and some don’t even need thinking about such as Amazon Smile or EasyFundraising. We have also set up a Unit “Wish List” for ad-hoc support.

The most efficient way to donate towards our Wish List is to donate through our GiveaLittle portal, as your cash donation can be enhanced, where eligible, through Gift Aid. This means your donation towards items on our wish list goes further, upto 25% further.

Donations through our GiveaLittle portal are campaign based, so any donations through the Wish List Campaign will be considered ringfenced for items on the Wish List.

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Our minibuses are a major expense for the unit as they carry out hundreds of transport movements through the year, we’re currently fundraising for this years maintenance to ensure they are available when our cadets need them for their #OnTour activities in 2024.